Its been a really long time since this site was updated, where then to start? I could write a bunch of posts covering what’s happened in the intervening six years and four months but I think that would be dull. Instead I’m going to pick up as if I never left off and leave the blank period as a mystery for you, dear reader, to figure out over the coming months.

For this first post to the new site I’ll just note the change in blogging platform (I’m now using Jekyll, see the about page for full details) and that the theme I’m using here may change a number of times over the coming weeks as I try out new ones. I’ve made an effort to preserve all the old blog posts for posterity but I have retired the Aqualog application page (I don’t think Citizen even sell that model anymore) and all of the old photo galleries for now. Rather than leaving all the old blog posts in their old formats I decided to migrate them to Jekyll but I haven’t made any effort to preserve all the URIs to the old posts despite all the good reasons outlined in “Cool URIs don’t change”. In this particular case I didn’t think the juice was worth the squeeze, if I’ve broken a link you were relying on, let me know and we can work something out.