Two Wheels GoodAfter a break of of nearly six years since I sold my Suzuki Bandit I’m back on two wheels. To the left is a picture of my new ride, a 2001 Triumph Sprint ST in British Racing Green. I very nearly bought one of these or a Daytona back in the UK before we moved but once I learned how difficult it would be to transfer to the USA I gave up on that idea and its taken till now to get back round to it.

I picked it up just over a week ago from National Powersports and have now put a few hundred miles on it. Its got a lot more oomph than my old Bandit but not so much that its scary, it doesn’t really start to fly until the revs get past 5k so its easy to pootle along if you want. The riding position is more racey than the Bandit but not so much that there’s too much weight on your wrists - its more of a sports-tourer than a track bike which suits me fine right now.

A few weeks ago I took a NH sponsored refresher course both to polish up my riding before I jumped on a new bike and to get the motorcycle endorsement on my driving license. The course was very useful and I’d recommend it to anyone considering taking the plunge, it provides lots of time on a rental bike to practice the basics and get your confidence level back up to the point where you feel able to head back out on the road.

Altogether now: brmmm, brmmmm.