Being a fully paid up Apple fan boy, I bought myself an Airport Express when they were released so I could listen to music I’d ripped into iTunes on my PowerMac through the Naim stereo in the living room via 802.11g.

This worked pretty well with the exception of one minor problem: the computer is in the study so if I wanted to skip tracks, pause, change playlist etc. I had to run upstairs to do it. Until today, when I bought a copy of Salling Clicker for my Nokia 3650. Now I can control iTunes via bluetooth using my phone from the comfort of the lounge sofa which, fortunately, is located directly beneath the study and in range of the bluetooth on the computer. The UI on Salling clicker is nice, it displays the current and upcoming tracks and you can even set it to download album artwork for the track currently playing (nice if you’ve been bothered to download the album artwork using something like iTunes Catalog).

Marvelous, I’m now embracing my laziness to the fullest extent possible.