They take Halloween pretty seriously in our adopted neck of the woods and this year we’ve decided to get in the swing of things. We’ve already laid in a copious supply of sweets (or candy as they say round here) in preparation for the droves of trick and treaters we can expect on said evening - last year we underestimated hugely, ran out of sweets after about an hour and had to turn out the lights and pretend we were out. Alexander has a pumpkin shaped and coloured baby grow (really, I’m not making this up) and Caleb has decided that this year, daddy, I’m going to be Pikachu - bless ‘im.

Wandering around our local supermarket earlier today I spotted some seasonal beer by the name of SmuttyNose Pumpkin Ale - I was intrigued. Reminding myself about ‘getting in the swing of things’ and being in an adventurous mood I took the plunge and added a six pack to the trolley. Two bottles later and I’m pleased to report that surprisingly, its really nice. Of course I’d swap it for a pint of Landlord any day.