Its been a tough few days but it looks like Alexander is on the road to recovery. On Sunday morning he took a turn for the worse and the doctors were forced to put him on a ventilator machine to take over the strain of breathing for him. Initially he was being pumped 90% oxygen at a fairly high breathing rate - the doctor told us he was suffering from severe respiritory distress syndrome. They gave him a some medicine directly into his lungs to help them mature and on Monday he was a little better and they were able to reduce the oxygen percentage. During Tuesday he improved significantly enabling them to further reduce the oxygen percentage and breathing rate. This morning he’d improved enough for them to be able to take him off the ventilator machine and he’s now breathing for himself again. They are still giving him additional oxygen via nasal tubes and this will probably continue for the next couple of days until his condition improves enough for him to breath plain air. He’s now taking a little milk via a tube in addition to the IV nutrients he’s getting and they will increase the amount of milk over the coming days while reducing the IV feeding. We’re hoping he’ll be able to start nursing normally in a couple of days.